Achieve Total Healthcare Compliance Online

Training your staff is an essential step for upholding the OSHA compliance regulations and achieving a high patient satisfaction rate. We have used our in-house compliance processes to create an entire collection of online courses to help your practice navigate through this complex regulatory environment. These courses will give your staff the ability to achieve complete healthcare compliance training online in a quick, inexpensive, and manageable way. All courses come with further resources such as reporting and documentation systems to make sure that staff is fully adhering to all standards and that your practice is well on its way to achieving success with patients and beyond.

Take charge of your compliance training today!

With Our Robust Toolkits, You Can:

Save Money

No need to employ internal compliance personnel! Our cost-effective online packages assist your business in avoiding OSHA and HIPAA violations and associated fines.

Save Time

No need to burn precious time! Our convenient online training is available around-the-clock, so you can pick your own training schedule. Managers can also save time by using our straightforward reporting and employee management solutions.

Streamline Compliance

No need to keep up with the changing regulations because we do it for you! With our straightforward, user-friendly web platform, you can quickly create an account and add users and workers.

Comprehensive Compliance in One Place

No other platform offers true comprehensive compliance as thoroughly as ours. We have hundreds of courses that cover common requirements like OSHA, HIPAA, and infection control.

Simple Learning Management System

We’re happy to offer your practice a no-obligation demonstration of our intuitive, user-friendly system so you can see how our solutions work and might benefit your team.

Our simple learning platform includes:

  • Complete online education for every member of your staff
  • Easy-to-use management and reporting systems
  • Specialized online vaccination request forms
  • Notifications to remind staff to finish courses

Your entire staff can accomplish all compliance-related tasks on their own time and at a significantly lower price than traditional compliance services thanks to our LMS platform.

Don’t take a chance on compliance requirements or OSHA audits! Let us assist you right now!

Exactly What We Needed

We’ve been working with this team since 2017 and I can’t do anything but express my gratitude for their service and expertise.  We have grown by over 15 providers in the past couple of years and wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.  Our revenue depends on an efficient credentialing process and we haven’t been disappointed in the slightest.  

Tyler Pace | CEO & Arizona State Senator / Century Care Inc & Triton Medical Group

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